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     “A Garbage Can Day” is the story of a boy named Jake who has been having some tough days at school.  When his mother tries to start a conversation, Jake refuses to talk about it.  Jake’s mother does not know how to get Jake to open up.  A suggestion from Jake’s father gives Jake and his mother the tool that they need to have an honest discussion about the emotions that Jake is feeling.  The two play the “Garbage Can Day Game,” and Jakes begins to understand how he can take control of what he is feeling.
     “A Garbage Can Day” is a great book for children (and adults too!) that need help with talking about their feelings. As an elementary school teacher, I have seen many students hold their feelings inside. This does not help the student or the others in their class to come up with a good solution to the issue(s).
     I also like how the game helps to start a discussion in a non-threatening way. Often adults struggle with ways to start these conversations with children, but Kulig and Skulski have really tapped in to what teachers and parents would need to help children open up to them. I would definitely recommend this book.
     A free downloadable copy of the game board is available on the "For Parents or Teachers" page on the book's official website.  Written by school librarian
"Wish I had a book like that when my mom died...I love your book. I want to make a Garbage Can Day game." Written by adult in her early 60's
"I received the book yesterday. Thank you so much, I love it." Written by parent